The Happy Berry

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Work at The Happy Berry

Position available:

First Line Horticultural Farm Manager
at The Happy Berry Inc.
Six Mile, SC, USA

The applicant must be well versed in the phenotypic growth stages, cultural requirements, pests and beneficials and their life cycles (diseases [fungi, bacteria, viruses] insects, nematodes, vertebrates and weeds) as influenced by climate and soils of the following crops: blackberries, blueberries, seedless table grapes (Vitis vinifera and hybrids), figs, muscadines (Vitis rotundifolia) and 9 species of willows (Salix spp.). Knowledge should be such that the applicant is capable of forecasting work duties to be done at the appropriate time.

Duties include pruning, pest management, vegetation management, harvesting, operate and be able to calibrate equipment such as, but not limited to, tractors, mowers, mist blowers, herbicide sprayer, back pack equipment and seed and fertilizer spreaders. The applicant should be able to manage harvest help, grading help by assigning duties, observing worker performance and estimating labor requirements. The applicant should be able to repair equipment and machinery. Being able to speak Spanish fluently and communicate in English is mandatory.

For more information, call (864) 350-9345.

Volunteer at The Happy Berry

We would love volunteers to help with whatever we are doing around the farm—planting, pruning, clearing land, bird watching (yes, we said bird watching). In exchange, we can share a little know-how knowledge (well, except in the bird watching category) as well as offer a great opportunity to get out into the fresh air and work the land (shameless marketing here).

Contact us for more details.