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The Happy Berry logo Welcome to The Happy Berry - blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, figs & elderberries
Gates are open Monday through Saturday
- But we might not always be there.
closed Sundays for farm management and family time

updated October 24, 2015

Check it out!
The Happy Berry Harvest Featured at Stella's

Going out for dinner tonight? Try Stella's!
While it lasts, they have several recipes, including one of their beverages, that feature fruit from our fields!
Depending on the recipe choice, the fruit being featured could be (the last of) our
muscadines, blackberries, table grapes, or even persimmons.
Give them a try! Please tell them we sent you.

You can read about our vision on the future of farming in Edible Upcountry, article dated 8/28/2015

The Small Fruit Training was a great success!
Thank you to Dr. John Clark, University of Arkansas and internationally known blackberry breeder
and Andy Rollins, Clemson University Extension Service
and to everyone who came!
We had a great turnout and spent a wondeful day learning and exchanging ideas on the betterment of blackberry futures

2015 Harvest is Done for The Year
NEXT UP - Woody Florals!

Best time to plant is November.
Stay tuned to our home page for updates!

Muscadines are done. We have sold the last of what was in the cooler.

We still have eggs and we plan to be at the Clemson market
(First Friday of November and December)
with eggs, jams, willow plants, and sundry.

Farm Hours
The gates will be open and we will be there most days. This is the time of year we are doing layby on the farm, cleaning up, getting set for next season, and trying to spend some time with our family. We welcome guests, but if you are making a special trip, be sure to call first to make sure we will be there.

Plans for next year
We are investing in dwarf black mulberry, we have planted more fig trees, and, as always, will be tinkering with ways we can lower our impact on the environment, up our harvest productivity, maintain profitability so we can stay in business and better serve our community.
Ask Walker for details and/or Stay tuned for updates!

Only getting about 3 dozens eggs a day
Please call first if you are making a special trip-

Even in the off season - our Speed limit is 6 miles per hour....
We have a granddaughter- she is learning to drive the golf cart. Plus we have staff.
And as the pussy willows and woody florals come into season we will have more folks on the farm.
Please drive carefully.

Walker Miller - CFSA's 2104 Farmer of the Year!
Walker Miller was named Farmer of the Year by The Carolina Farm Stewardship Association (CFSA) at their 29th Annual Sustainable Agriculture Conference, held in Greenville SC in November 2014. It was a rare moment in history when Walker, when the award was announced, was rendered speechless.
We are honored and proud that CSFA recognized our efforts!
We were featured in several local papers and also The State newspaper in Columbia.
Most of those links have expired, but here are some links that were still up and running as of Jan 9, 2015:
Pickens County Courier
Easley Progress
The Journal/Upstate Today
Scroll down to see Walker's mention is just below Tom Trantham/Happy Cow Creamery (and congratulations to them as well!)
See our newsletter for more details

Walker Visits the Land institute in Salina Kansas
In our ongoing effort to reduce our contribution to GWG (global warming gases) Walker took a trip to The Land Institute (TLI), to learn more about perennial grains in a polyculture agricultural system
See our newsletter for more details

Any Volunteers???
We would love volunteers to help with whatever we are doing around the farm - planting, pruning, clearing land, bird watching (yes, we said bird watching)
In exchange we can share a little know-how knowledge (well, except for in the bird watching category) as well as offer a great opportunity to get out into the fresh air and work the land (shameless marketing here)
See our newsletter for more details

Seen the pine trees planted through the fields?
See our "Carbon" page for more details

Electric Car Charger and Bike racks - Operational!
In 2013 we added an electric car charger to our parking area!
It is Up and Running! Please spread the word!
Bike Racks We have also installed bicycle racks for other low-carbon transportation travelers

(In case you haven't guessed, our mission beyond great food is to save the planet!)

Do you need a program for an upcoming meeting?
What about “The Future of Food, Water and Energy” ?
Walker is available (and eager!) to give presentations on this topic. He is continually updating his presentation. Included, or separately, he is also passionate about the importance of developing a strong and self-sufficient community system- buying local gone wild if you will. If you would like a program just let him know 864 350 9345

Farm to Table- Raising a Pig for Harvest
Some of you may know that we raised and harvested a pig for our first time early Spring 2012.
It was quite an experience. Walker wrote up the experience - inluding several pictures of the process- and you can read about the harvest process if you are interested.

We appreciate your support and
We would not be here without YOU!
Come see Us! Anytime!

Heritage Quilt Trail
The Happy Berry is now part of
the Heritage Quilt Trail.
Come See "The Happy Quilt"
created especially for "The Happy Berry,"
Quilted by Christine Christensen
See our Newsletter for more detail!
The Happy Quilt created especially for The Happy Berry, Quilted by Christine Christensen

Check out our

Battle of
Gap Hill

The Worlds
Healthiest Food

Arial photo of The Happy Berry in Early Spring/Dogwood season
Arial Photo of The Happy Berry Farm- Early Spring/Dogwood season

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Looking for other farm fresh products?
Check our Links to other farms for contact information.

Think Farm, Think Fresh - Buy Local!

Pick Your Own and Pre-Picked Blueberries, Blackberries, Muscadines, Grapes and Figs The Happy Berry Inc. is located on the eastern shore of Lake Keowee in Pickens County, South Carolina. It is a pick-your-own small fruit farm with blackberries, blueberries, muscadines, grapes and figs available in-season. The season is from June 1 to through September in most years. Pre-picked berries are available on farm.

As you enter the farm you drive past rows of blueberry bushes and see the old tenant house used as headquarters for the farm. The house site has been there since before the mid 1800's but has burned down at least once. The house was rebuilt sometime prior to 1937, with an addition in 1952. Sales take place on the front porch. In the house is grading equipment, a walk-in cooler equipment and storage for all the various things that are need to make the farm run. Standing on the porch you can look out over the blueberries and blackberries.

To help people find there way around the farm the grassed walkways are named for the varieties of Daylilies that adorn the end of rows. Want to learn about management, The Happy Berry Bunch will be glad to share what they know with you. As you return from picking and you feel guilty because The Happy Berry Bunch did not weigh you in, you can contribute to the Sin Bucket to atone for your sins. Actually you are encouraged to graze while picking--there is no better way to learn what is a ripe berry.

Coupons are available in local papers and on this web site. A newsletter is sent out a couple of times a year, more often if you are an electronic subscriber, to keep folks informed of what's happening and how the crop is coming along. For those interested in pre-picked you can leave an order here.

We pride ourselves on providing more than a place to pick delicious, and nutritious berries. We also want to contribute to healthier lifestyles and eating habits. And ultimately, our belief is that local farms like ours provide an essential environmental service for the future of our planet.

Please come visit us at the farm. Enjoy the fun of pick-your-own sweet, fresh, high quality berries in the marvelous out of doors. Not only is it fun it is also healthy. Recent research has shown the berries are nutriceuticals.


The Happy Berry Bunch, Walker, Ann, Zoe & Betty Ann

The Happy Berry, Inc.
Mailing Address Only: 120 Kelley Creek Road
Farm Address-No Mail Receptacle: 510 Gap Hill Road
Six Mile, SC 29682
Phone: (864) 868-2946
Farm: (864) 350-9345