The Happy Berry

Blueberry picking is Good But Slow

Blackberry Picking is very slow.

Last updated June 23, 2016

Blueberry Picking has slowed due to the "flash drought" we are experiencing.
The irrigation is going 24-7 but we are trying to catch up. There are shiners in both Tifblue and Centurion and they are big and fat.

Flash drought happens when low humidity for a plant occurs at the same time as breezey weather. The plant carries on evapotranspiration to keep itself cool. The wind moves the cool air away from the plant so it must withdraw more moisture from the ground faster than it can migrate from lower depths in the soil profile.

Now Picking Blackberries

Blackberry picking conditions have been downgraded to very slow.
But there are still good blackberries to be had!
The sun is desicccating the exposed berries - so to get the good berries you have to go down, in and under the bushes. There you will find the blackberries protected from the sun, that will still be plump and delicious!

How To Pick Blueberries & Blackberries
Blueberries turn blue and blackberries turn black before they are ripe and sweet.
Read our Picking & Storage Tips in the most recent newsletter

Refrigeration is a must
Berries are living beings.  They will continue to carry on respiration which uses energy (sugar).  Therefore, it is important to preserve the quality of fresh picked berries that refrigerate just as soon as you get them home. If you are traveling and are going to be stopping for a bite to eat we recommend a cooler with an ice pack.  Thirty minutes to an hour in a car unprotected from the heat can leave you with much lower quality berries.

We are now mobile-friendly!
On Saturday June 4, 2016 we posted our new mobile friendly website. Please bear with us as we iron out some bumps and links. Please let us know how you like the new look, and if you find any bumps! We would love your input.

Now Picking Blackberries
AND Blueberries!

Monday - Friday: 8am until Dusk
Saturday: 8am until 6pm
Closed Sundays for farm management and family time.

Find Us at the Market

Six Mile Farmers Market at the Depot (Old fire station): Thursdays 4:00 – 7:00 PM

Clemson Farmers Market at Patrick Square:
Fridays 3:00 – 6:00 PM

Greenville TD Farmers Market on Main Street:
Saturdays 8:00 AM – 12 PM

Anderson Farmers Market:
Tuesdays 4:30 – 7:30 PM

2016 Prices

Blackberries $2.50 $6.00 $24.00
Blueberries $2.50 $6.00 $24.00
Seedless grapes $2.50 $6.00 $24.00
Figs $2.50 $6.00 $24.00
Muscadines $2.00 TBD $20.00
Persimmons TBD N/A N/A

Speed limit is 6 miles per hour....
For your own safety as well as others -
Please drive slowly and carefully.

The Harvest Schedule - At A Glance
Now picking Blueberries and Blackberries
Seedless grapes will be next up. We have forecasted them to start mid to late July but they are already going through verasion which seems early.
Stay tuned to our home page- we will keep you apprised.
Figs will start August 1 and go to mid September.
Muscadines will start mid August and go until late October.

Only getting about 3 dozens eggs a day
Please call first if you are making a special trip-

More to Look Forward to - Eventually
We have added Persimmons, Goji, and mulberries but they have not come on-line yet.
We have also planted more fig trees since we seem to consistently have more demand than supply.
And, as always, we will be tinkering with ways we can lower our impact on the environment,
up our harvest productivity, maintain profitability so we can stay in business
and better serve our community.
Ask Walker for details and/or Stay tuned for updates!