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Date of Last Update: 20 June 2015
Watch your email for crop condition updates. If you are not on our email list and would like to be, please contact us. Typically the newsletter will be short and come out weekly during the harvest season [June to August] to let you know what is happening. It also comes out once or twice in the off season.

Current Weather Conditions at The Happy Berry.

To check the weather click here [Storm Movement] and select "Base Reflectivity Loop." Again we are due west of the "+" sign for Greenville on the map, on the line between Pickens and Oconee County.

updated 6/20/2015

In this edition:

  • Blackberries peak of season
  • Blueberries IN! Climax variety at peak of season, other varieties starting
  • Drive Slowly Please The Happy Berry speed limit
  • Don't forget your container- have extra?
  • Grapes next, then Figs, followed by Muscadines
  • Remember Closed Sundays for farm management

BLACKBERRIES- It is peak-of-season!
We are loaded with blackberries. We are picking all varieties of blackberries except Chester. This year we only have 10 rows of Chester but we have planted more. We are adding Von blackberry as replacement for Navaho. Navaho is susceptible to orange rust. We are hopeful that Von will be an improvement. The Black Magic and Prime Ark 45 are doing it and they like it under the shade cloth. Using the infra read thermometer we have determined the blackberries are approximately 10 degrees cooler under the shade cloth than those in the sun. They are also have much less imperfections. The green and red berries are also cooler. In double shade, shade cloth and tree shade they are even cooler still, even though air temps are high, 100 plus or minus. We think living shade of non-epicormic trees is the future of blackberry production.

BLUEBERRIES Now Picking and Improving Rapidly!
It is peak-of-season in the Climax variety! These are FABULOUS for freezing! Start now putting away blues for next winter! The Tifblue and Centurion blueberries are just "around the corner." We are seeing clusters of ripe berries. I think the crescendo will be later in the week. Probably blueberries everywhere. It is shaping up to be a good year in the blues.

PLEASE DRIVE SLOWLY - Speed limit 6 miles per hour....
We have lots of little kids picking and playing at The Happy Berry...maybe even a berry fight or two...highly discouraged ... With kids racing and darting in out of rows...RIGHT ONTO THE DRIVEWAY!!! Please be careful and observe the speed limit when driving in. Thank you.

Don't forget your containers! Something with a handle works well. Have strawberry buckets just hanging out? Bring them along maybe someone else can use them.

Grapes are next. Perhaps the last week in July... We will start with Venus, then Jupiter followed by Reliance and Mars. The grapes are looking great...pheromones for grape root borer, probiotic living vaccine for Pierces disease and another probiotic Trichoderma harzianum for Botryosphaeria control are doing wonders. We use several different plant pharmaceuticals for downy mildew control to avoid resistance. Modern fungal plant pharmaceuticals are very specific for human safety reasons but the "price we pay" is risk of the fungus developing resistance. With the use of Crimson clover for nitrogen and recycling potassium and phosphorus it has shaded out most weeds so we have not had to use a post emergence herbicide. GRAPES-BOTTOM LINE: They look great with some humongous clusters.

FIGS are coming. Perhaps August 1 but they may be delayed due to 2014 ad 2015 cold snap in January.

MUSCADINES continue to be on schedule ... Looks like August 15...

It is shaping up to be a great season - See you at the farm!
The Happy Berry Bunch- Walker, Ann, Zoe and Betty-Ann


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