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Date of Last Update: 2 October 2015
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updated 10/2/2015

In this edition:

  • Muscadines are just DRIPPING from the vines!
  • The Health Benefits of Muscadines
  • Please come pick!

Muscadines are at peak of season!
These wonderful, good-for-you, yummy grapes are just DRIPPING from the vines! And remember, we are open Rain or Shine.

Health Benefits of Muscadines
(are better than blueberries if you include the skin and the seeds)

Most of you already know the health benefits of blueberries but the real secret (and a well kept secret it is!) in eating foods to promote your health is --- Muscadines! Muscadine grapes are fat free, high in fiber and very high in antioxidants, especially Ellagic acid and resveratrol. Ellagic acid has demonstrated anticarcinogenic properties in colon lungs and liver. Resveratrol is reported to lower cholesterol levels and the risk of coronary heart disease. Muscadine wines have significantly more resveratrol than wine from other grape varieties. Resveratrol was a very effective as an inhibitor of the growth of COX, a compound present in breast cancer and other cancers. Initial studies showed resveratrol inhibited tumor growth at three different stages --- initiation, promotion and progression. Muscadine skin extract significantly reduced tumor cell growth in all prostate cancer cell lines and exhibited high rates of apoptosis (programmed cell death). The anthocyanins which produce the red and dark colors have strong antioxidant activity too. Cell cultures of colon, breast, prostate and leukemia cancer models exposed to berry extracts have shown reduced cancer cell growth or increased cancer cell death. The real deal is: these compounds, abundant in muscadines, are powerful chemo-preventers of cancer cell initiation. Subjects fed resveratrol were healthier, leaner and lived up to 30% longer according to an ongoing Harvard study. New studies at Harvard Medical School and the Institute of Genetic, Molecular and Cellular biology have found in addition to afore mentioned benefits, a reduced risk of age related Alzheimer’s disease. “Coupled with smart dietary choices, avoidance of risk factors and physical activity, plus eating muscadine grapes …can add 10 years to your life” says Joseph Bauru, Ph. D. The Antioxidants have been shown to maintain good mental function as we age. Antioxidants fight free radical damage which impacts your biological age.

The benefits of muscadines are not as well known and have not received as much recognition for their health promoting effects because it is a regional food and there just has not been the financial support to do the research. Blueberries, which provide much the same benefits as muscadines above, have received national and international support. The number of studies has jumped from 20 papers a year 15 years ago to 175 papers in 2014. The bottom line is that you should eat healthy foods in season… And while blueberries are done for the season, the muscadines are DRIPPING from the vines. You could still be capitalizing on the health benefits of these scrumptious, regional grapes that also freeze easy and make supercalifraglistic smoothies!

Please come help us get the (muscadine) berries off the vines so that they can put their photosynthetic effort into preparing for winter. A weak plant is more susceptible to winter injury. Your efforts for plant health may promote your own health while making your mouths and tummies happy!

Other News:
Check it out! You can read about our vision on the future of farming in
Edible Upcountry, article dated 8/28/2015.

The Happy Berry is hosting a “SARE – SWD Small Fruit Training” on October 22, 2015.
The main topic is shade cloth use in blackberry production. It is a technical meeting intended for university extension and growers but some of you are growers and may want to attend. If we were forced into a bioregional economy…And I believe it is coming…there are not near enough farmers to provide food for our bioregion. Limited spaces are available, so registration is required. See the program information on our website.

We won't be at Greenville downtown market on Saturday October 3
(due to heavy rains forecasted)
but we will be back the following weekend!

Remember that the farm is open rain or shine!

See you on the farm!
Walker for The Happy Berry Bunch Walker, Ann, Zoe and Betty-Ann


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