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Date of Last Update: 12 September 2014
Watch your email for crop condition updates. If you are not on our email list and would like to be, please contact us. Typically the newsletter will be short and come out weekly during the harvest season [June to August] to let you know what is happening. It also comes out once or twice in the off season.

Current Weather Conditions at The Happy Berry.

To check the weather click here [Storm Movement] and select "Base Reflectivity Loop." Again we are due west of the "+" sign for Greenville on the map, on the line between Pickens and Oconee County.

updated 9/12/2014

Muscadines Are Doing It!
Figs Continue Slow & Steady
Fall Blackberries!
Hours of Operation Change Beginning Sunday Sept 14

Muscadines and scuppernongs are doing it! They are late but the volume has finally picked up. Remember- you canít judge a muscadine just by its color. You have to feel the berry to make sure your eye was correct. For those of you have never picked this nutraceutical, yummy, secret-of-the-south, you have to get your eye, finger tip feel and your taste buds calibrated. You do this by eating a few as you pick. If you feel guilty because you are eating quite a bit we have a "Sin Bucket" where you can leave donations.

Figs continue slow and steady. We do have some in the cooler for pre-picked sales. We expect that the harvest season will go late! As long as the weather remains warm we should have figs. Why is this fig season so different? What happened is the 8 degree night on January 8 hurt the branches. We used a chainsaw and removed many but not all of these branches. Where we cut them off the tree put out (epicormic) shoots that are very vigorous and have lots of figs on them. The branches left, that had been weakened by the freeze, have fewer and smaller figs. The combination has resulted in a drawn out fig season.

The ever bearing blackberries continue very, very slow but steady. We picked 7 quarts today (Sept 9) on 1000 foot of row...there are lots of green fruit...maybe they will pick up? We are keeping track so we can do a better forecast next year. We expect they will go all the way until frost. We are also keeping track of the temperatures under the shade and in the open. The results have been counter intuitive! It is warmer in the shade than in the sun!? ...But we have yet to see the first white droplet in the shade??? Perhaps the shade cloth will protect from light frosts???

Days are getting shorter. Beginning on Sunday September 14, 2014, we will start closing at 6PM everyday and not opening until 9 AM Mondays through Saturdays. (We will still open at noon on Sundays.)

The good news is that new flower buds are forming on the blueberries for next year. We have good leaf retention so it looks like we will get a large crop of flowers next year.

TABLE GRAPES are gone.


That is it for now.
Please! come and help us finish the season strong!
Walker, for The Happy Berry Bunch

PS Donít forget your buckets if you have them


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